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No one would believe it to be original if you invented a joke, which might have flashed suddenly out of a situation or through observation of something odd, a slip of tongue by someone and such by accident. Jokes are normally considered to be fatherless (OK, anonymous respectfully), no one knows the by whom and whens of its origin and they just go around without patents, often in altered forms, conveniently adapted to locally identifiable flavors when the original doesn't seem to convey the required punch.

One thing about jokes is the ready audience, even from those who overhear from the next table becoming a part attentively. It binds people and even sobers up flared situations. My first brush up with humor since younger days was through a relative who just needed to open his mouth to instigate nonstop laughter for the interpretation of normal things in his way or mimicking someone, and later through an elderly friend. Unfortunately both are in bad health these days and don't relate to their previous bubly selves.

The previous post on humor, and something I came across this morning, Old jokes, prompted to supplement this in continuation. Curiously, those who make others laugh don't do it much themselves. Not sure if we see it as funny, what's serious to them?

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