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Once you own a smartphone (almost mandatory these days anyway), it's natural to populate it with all sorts of apps, with both the really required and the ones that someone suggested or now being talked about, or when finding an alternate. Before installing, most go through the app's description and the users comments. Invariably you bump into many whose reviews don't rise above what's already pointed out by others or an outright thumbs down, and it's easy to make out such MeToos (no ill will intended, just an observation) going by their standard narration. They all seem to begin with "After the recent update..." without mentioning what really doesn't work; they always have "down load" or "up load" issues; they don't find it "use full"; they generally have "wrost experience" and so on that hardly explains the nag. Though most developers provide decent details, many either seem to ignore or go through, only to lament with misleading opinions. I have tried some despite the many negative expressions when the concept was appealing, and found no issues.

Not sure if the users are to be blamed or instructed on how to use, or in cases where the programmer ignores to mention the required parameters. Curiously there's no way other users can assist those facing problems, it's all left to the developer's response. Like those who blame an email service for blocking their account when obviously they are on VPN, encrypting all the Internet traffic that shows them from different locations the world-over each time, leading to suspicious activity. Or banking apps that need some large memory and resource and runs slow or refuses to open when the user has multiple apps running in the background or swaps SIM slots. Sometimes you expect the developers to comedown to the normal user's thinking level and approach, and suggest obvious workarounds than an all too standard "We regret" or asking to raise a ticket or email them.

Anyway, it's not our problem and can only guess and hint to both the sides on what might be the cause. The rest, up to them...

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