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We always leave behind our trail, through footprints or tyremarks or may be even through the chain of events, though not to aid others to follow-up. The same however doesn't apply to the digital ones that lead to getting tracked, analysed, processed, and made use of in suitable ways by the bigger ones, keen on knowing you better than your own family. At most you can hoodwink to an extent through a VPN if really concerned, otherwise it's too clear, but how many really care?

Often we suddenly find a line of ants systematically originating and ending up at some point that only they can sense and find it suitable for their existence. It's more in summer, but many a time even during other times. I have realised that though quite irritating, this line-up leads to correction at our end. Like something edible left uncovered that the tiny beings can sniff out so easily, or little crevices that they detect and plan to turn into home during the colder days.

Since a few days I have been encountering these visitors all of a sudden, and detected both the above issues to be the cause. First it was a piece of sweet that had attracted them, and despite cleaning up when they changed track to appear elsewhere, a crack in the tile joint which had gone unseen and needed sealing up. So the next time you see such, think it's time to attend or mend, than reaching for a spray can. Poor things need to exist like us after all, and just return back or change route once convinced of changed circumstances after some hectic group discussion.

Our digital footprints probably act the same way for the concerned to take notice. Only, unlike we sealing a crack or cleaning the edible spillover, they leave it as is for us to continue unawaredly...

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