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Yesterday I noticed my friend with a new handset, one of the current premium models supporting 5G, and though that generation of network is yet to get rolled out here, the device is ready enough. Being used to seeing him with a new one once every or two years it wasn't surprising, but since the last one was equally good and hardly any old, it was assumed to have run into problem of one sort, which if was in my custody would never have happened. It proved true on learning low battery yield (naturally with many social media apps running) and a cracked screen (obvious seeing the way he, like many others handle the stuff). I on the contrary don't bother for four to five years till it no longer appears on the supported list with no updates, promptly putting it back to its original packing with the catalog intact. An outer case is a must since it keeps falling down however careful, and saves much botheration.

My first was a Windows Lumia that I really miss, and still have it as a standby to serve as an external device. It has lived its life, graduating from Windows 8 to 10, promptly bringing updates, having hosted and removed dozens of apps, capturing hundreds of photos and kept me connected. It still works when charged and wakes up with a double tap for audio-video stuff flawlessly, acts as a second camera when on tour, to set alarm, maintain a Contacts backup and all such that doesn't need a SIM. It was reset just once during the five long years when the Wi-Fi hotspot feature suddenly conked out, but otherwise served without errors.

We develop a friendship with many items, and though lifeless become a part of us that we retain for the memories attached and keep it safe, though some see it as junk to be rid off...

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