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When PDF drivers became available to convert your other format it used to be fun, seeing your own output in the reader or browser that otherwise were used to open ready stuff like help files and such. Over the years the portable format has become de facto for most of our daily needs from bank statements, eBooks, receipts to almost everything online. There has been continuous development to add further features than just be content with the original conversion.

A few years back I came across a website with such PDF related utilities. Though I still use some of them, the developer's name was proving evasive, and since writing from the phone didn't have the patience to boot and verify from the programs on the PC. With many guesses, Govert's Tools for Plotting, Printing, PDF got located. I was glad the site still exists and going strong. Though many PDF programs offer in-built tools to manipulate in your way, you can find here some that we often don't see in others. Like PDF Cropper to remove white space around in drawings or text when the margins are huge, or PDF Tiler to produce custom-sized thumbnails of all the pages in a document on one page etc., apart from others for rotating pages with some added features to scale them the required way, creating booklets, Search & extract required pages. You can find utilities under PlotPrint to deal with CAD plot files, and a Convert section to output to other formats.

What I liked is them being offered as individual, small-sized portable apps without needing to install, with .NET being the only prerequisite.

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