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If it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium was perhaps the way the tourists determined the place they were in while on an European trip. Somehow, though bowled over by the grandeur of European architecture and planning, I have missed seeing the movie of 1960s, and hope my guess is right. But no prizes to guess the significance of Tuesday if you are a Windows user. If it's the Second Tuesday, it has to be Updates, and promptly they do come without a fail each month. The huge downloads, prolonged background harddisk activity when the old gets replaced, like the waft of aroma from the kitchen on something cooking, and the final restart to convey you are all safe till the next routine. We just obey, belive and follow the process unquestioningly, better than religion. Like the face mask since almost three years, it provides a psychological assurance on your digital wellbeing.

The second day of the week is somehow significant. In some parts it is avoided to start anything new. Saloons take the weekly off, many avoid clipping nails, don't know if some don't even shave on the day. While in some, it is undoubtedly auspicious. It is the opposite again for Thursday. We had moved to a different region during my school days, and eyebrows were raised when I was on the way for a haircut and was advised to postpone.

Not sure if these are mere beliefs or based on ancient sciences that tied various aspects of cosmos to our existence to benefit from. There are parts of the world which doesn't give such a damn, or may be restrict to just a few in the year.

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