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We all have some pet stuff to carry out particular works that makes us feel comfortable. It's probably knowing how it works that makes working with it a breeze. I have seen people with old vehicles and keep getting it repaired than change over, some even cling to an old screwdriver and such for personal reasons.

When it comes to computing and Internet, a browser naturally becomes an integral part, and there are so many of them to choose from. Most seem like toothbrushes with fancy handles and shape, working the same way since they run on the same engine, but with a different interface. Perhaps a browser needs to be trusted like a car driver whom you employ since they become a part of your family and have access to most things personal.

I have been with the Opera browser since long, right from when it had an integral email client, RSS reader, Newsgroup support and a Notes tab that served all the main aspects of online activities. Opening pages in tabs than launching a separate browser instance for each click is the novelty that attracted then, and I have stayed put. It has gone through much change, and I like many wasn't happy when it shed its original form to become something else, a Chropera as many called it then. Over time the feeling died down and we now are used to the new ways. When people need time to get adjusted to their own wife's new hairstyle or looks, this is natural.

What I find appealing is those handy features that they introduce first. Like the Paste and Go in address bar that makes navigation so easy, the pop-up menu with Copy, Search and other options that springs up when selecting text, built-in VPN to mention a few. Integrating popular messaging apps, syncing your favorites or bookmarks across devices, snoozing an idle tab, battery saving, speed dial for regularly used links, native Adblock and a few such could also be among the firsts, but am not sure. An attractive interface with the title bar turned to take on tab links with a corner menu (like the system menu) saves screen space, pages load fast, and a host of add-ons make things easier.

Well, this is not a review but just a way to acknowledge what I have liked and continue to use, and though it appears to have a smaller user base in comparison, manages to keep bringing newer features...

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