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Earlier there used to be reports of the phone's battery exploding while charging or when attending to calls with the charger on. Whether that happens to some very low-end unbranded models or due to a sudden surge, it is better to play it safe.

I had mentioned a note taking app that had some tips, and one such was Using your phone while it's charging can damage the battery. This is why the cords for chargers are so short.

When I looked up to verify the above advice the results were mixed, ranging from no harm if the battery is already fully charged, to the charger getting overheated and to avoid, and so on.

It does happen that you occasionally land in the above situation, and we generally swith off the power while keeping it connected to attend a call and power on again as a safeguard. It's another issue that we sometimes forget to swith on again, defeating the purpose and wasted time.

I first came to know of "Battery conditioning" when the technician advised to maintain the laptop or phone for better battery life. That's to first use up fully whatever power the battery holds initially on purchase, charge fully later and repeating the process three times. I have stuck to the advice, and don't really know if it has helped. At least there has been no problems.

May be if the manufacturer included such tips it would result in making things last longer, than looking about to encounter varied individual opinions. Or may be wait for the solar powered ones like in the old calculators, if at all feasible for the gadgets in the hope of better security, or even to reduce e-waste...

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