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Last week brought in some bitter news. Passing away of two known people, a lecturer during college and a classmate. The first one was taken with a bit of acceptance since he reportedly was not keeping well for quite a while. I last saw him twenty years back before he moved moved out of the city and later lost touch, but many of us kept remembering him for his contribution towards a particular subject though for a short while. A few of our senior mates who had a longer relationship with him during the college had maintained contact and kept us informed. The news of the second one was totally unexpected. A quiet sort, suddenly seemed vocal through messages recalling the college days and events.

Ironically I had phone numbers of both and somehow never called up, may be since already connected virtually, and neither did they. It reminds us to correct ourselves and attend to such when the going is good than repent. Dozens of messages perhaps can't equal a couple of minutes over the phone, or still better, meeting in person. Sometimes we feel irritated when someone keeps calling every week though there's nothing new to exchange--or may be they have a point...

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