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People these days don't seem to have much patience--me included--specially when browsing. Gathering many things through headlines or a quick run through the synopsis at the top of each article serves most to stay updated than go into depth on any subject. With so much to catch up with, probably the habit curtails us from dedicating more time to just a few selected stuff. We are all in a hurry for the latest. Unlike the newspaper in the olden days that was the only source and had many poring over it end-to-end through the day or keeping glued to radio or TV, the information overload on the Net has changed our attitude. For good or bad.

You are reading the news when a social media notification distracts, some one among the many messages mentions a link, and you go back to the browser, a mail from the bank or an SMS from something else breaks the concentration again, leaving you out in the open once more wondering where you left and doing what?

It's all part of the game, turning us to Jacks of all trades. Anyway the good thing is it keeps us informed on a variety of things just by a glance to be part of a discussion with anyone, anywhere with a nod of acceptance or a yes, I read that though deepdown you know that you hardly know anything more than the headline in bold...

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