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Many are used to doing multiple jobs at a time. Not sure if multitasking came to associated with the various processes running on the computer, or the term was already in use in general. They work on the computers with a variety of programs running in the background, talk over the phone, or have the headphones on for music and such. Sometimes it's not understandable if each such job is carried out with the due attention needed.

The most amazing are the ways most ladies work at home. They are watching the TV with the lights and ceiling fan or AC running, suddenly to attend to some work at the kitchen they head over to turn on the gas and when just about to proceed, someone rings the doorbell or they hear a hawker on the road selling something they need; next is a trip to the vendor and after a long process of bargaining, they forget not carrying the purse to pay up, and when they return to pick it up, notice all those electric gadgets running without a soul to benefit from, and just then something simmering in the kitchen reminds of the other work in progress, and when trying to attend to it they hear the vendor calling them up in loud tones, and remember what's unpaid, back to the road to finish the pending, and back on again to complete the other chore, while the TV, keeps beaming something else by now...

The only unconnected process we used have at office was to keep the radio tuned, either to music, news or sports commentary that brought in the unexpected while working to spice it up, strictly no CDs, and it sounded like something playing in the background in a low tone, with the mind getting alert on hearing a thing of interest that suddenly came on etc., not affecting the flow of work.

You wonder if multitasking is about attempting to do unfinished, multiple things all at once or try to do atleast one thing properly. Each has his or her ways, and feel comfortable doing what suits them than think of how it should be done. Let it be that way than bothering about or trying to correct...

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