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Unlike here with the walls built in brick or blocks where you can hammer a nail wherever at will to hang something or to mount something else, in the West with dry walls veneered on both sides of the supporting studs it obviously is no easy task. An elderly friend of our family went abroad to visit the son and seemed a bit disappointed on a framed family photograph he had carried last was still lying around without a nail to hang from. The busy schedule on the other end, now with work from home being a routine hadn't allowed much time or concern yet to use a stud locator.

Today was a bit busy, having gone out with a friend to initiate a renewal that we both had in common. We preferred to walk up since finding a parking slot is always a daunting task on weekdays. We both had other works nearby and opted to club to avoid going again. The long walk to and fro and all that running around took quite a while to return, and I found myself staring at the blank screen, wondering what to fill it up with. It was like trying to find the stud hidden behind, similar to picking up memorable moments of interest from the past hidden behind the sheet of daily routine.

Since a long walk got mentioned, I just remembered something from the college days to which this doesn't even come close. The final year involved working on a project that needed to collect required data. A few of us went around, not minding the distance, and were a part of each others work. Finally when we started back I realised they all stayed close by and was left to be on my own to reach may be fifteen kilometers to home by bus. Being the end of the working day, with all the buses running full, I ventured to walk some distance to catch some other coming from a different route, only to encounter the same. After many such attempts it occurred on having already done half the distance, and rather than bothering to wait in expectation, decided to do the rest on foot and at last reached in time for dinner. It was an experience no doubt, getting to know the parts of the city that otherwise stood no chance to pass by in other times.

Of course it wasn't that bad as with Oliver Twist when the first guy he meets at London exclaims "Walking for sivin days!".

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