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I still remember when the new ISP subscribed to offered a whopping 1GB for three months. Looked great, compared to the expensive phone-based modem connection that ticked by the seconds. Downloads were small, may be 4MB per the anti-virus and other updates. There wasn't much multimedia on webpages, and the allotted data easily lasted despite being connected through the day.

But that was may be fifteen years back, and things have changed. What was restricted to purely the computer based is now extended to smartphones and other devices, each to be of any use only if online. These days it's graphics allover, right from what's is required for a write-up to the Ads, each clamoring for attention.

But what bugs is the way many sites autoload videos onto each page, often way below the visible part of the screen. You click a link and start reading, and as you scroll-down, find some video already running. You never knew or wanted to view it, and didn't realize it was running muted. May be it's their idea of not obstructing your reading with the volume on, but hardly serves any purpose except wasting bandwidth. They don't seem bothered if you are interested in the particular subject or the next which comes over without permission, each of ten to fifteen minutes duration. Wish they made it user-friendly by putting those on the top of a page with a play button to start off than forcing you. Some sites are considerate, but most tech-based seem otherwise. Or, could be their way of showing the exaggerated view counts even when not opted for...

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