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Earlier driving down out of town involved either following the milestones or asking someone for directions, that's if you were not used to referring the road map. Now of course most turn on the location on the phone and get leaded to wherever, with not a single soul coming between.

Interacting with someone always leads to a more personal involvement, often getting to know of interesting places enroute, or coming to know of their dialect that adds spice to life. We have discovered many such small temples, abandoned forts or palaces or things from history on many occasions, buying fruits and vegetables fresh from the fields, enjoying tender coconut or sugarcane juice straight from the source, little kids whose faces beam with a few chocolates. Some have even gone back in particular with family later.

Rather than looking at the distance between A and B, the unexpected few encountered on way seem more productive. No doubt opinions vary, if you don't see beyond Yourselves and the handheld device...

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