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Most of us like catching up with news from various sources. Starting with the morning newspaper when you are at home with TV counting if staying longer or back from work. Otherwise mostly on the Net when on the move. Newsoholics have their RSS feeds set to constantly check every few minutes, never to be left behind from the things just in. Local, regional, national and international form the areas of interest in general for all, in addition to technology, science, entertainment, business and so many other related interests to add knowledge and spice.

We all buy one newspaper, stick to a particular since our grandfather's days or give a try to others when someone mentions particular authors or subjects covered in their choice. May be even come back to the original if it doesn't suit you on a longer run. But stick to buying at least one to support print media that has kept us informed for ages, though many I know have stopped, like surrendering the landline phones. Print has its own charm though the news unlike live TV might be a bit old. With one glance on a sheet you catch up with the headings without zooming in and out, and as noticed, read through the full content of an item when the subject interests, even if continued on a different page. And you get to read many more columns and features that the online version may not include.

Of course, keeping up with times all dailies have carved out their web spaces. In the print, they provide the online link, and when you visit, say better viewed in their app. You can't go around having an app for each, but most seem to insist to know you better through your device and settings, that otherwise let you remain anonymous on the browser.

While reading something online, some links lead to a news portal, only to realize you need to be a subscriber to read it in full. You can't be a subscriber everywhere to passthrough the paywall, just to read random stuff you bumped into on a different source. We understand their logic and leave it at that, and if in a mood look elsewhere with no restrictions when the subject is of interest. There seems no curb however on the same portals for products, entertainment or travel related that better connects economics to them and the concerned, open to all like the lobby in your house with the rest of it shielded, than turn away just anyone who knocks on their door. May be those restricted links shouldn't be included or at least the need for an entry pass be mentioned...

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