The whole and the parts

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Dip, dip, dip
Add the sugar
And the milk
And it's ready to sip

Some how, this jingle from what I remember the late nineties of a TV Ad on tea bags when they were first introduced, has remained in mind. Could be because they were often repeated or may be since being simple with a catchy tune. I have been trying to recollect a few lines of the poem Casablanca, without a hint, but this kind of day to day stuff have no such restrictions in staying along.

But the Dip which brought it up in fact originated from a leaking faucet that needed to change the inner brass spindle. Sometimes like Dagwood we go the DIY way. Being quite late for the hardware shop to be open, just managed to swap the little rubber washer at the end from the previously replaced, and it worked.

These days small little parts that can solve no longer seem available. You are forced to buy the whole unit. May be that's the trend with affordability doing away with a little trouble, adding to an increased waste. We need to just adapt to the practice by the majority than crib...

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