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Roll no 32
Present Sir
Roll no 33
This used to be a school teacher's way of taking attendance, preferring their serial number than call out their names. May be he even identified us through the associated number at other times. Some people have their own approach and find easy. Reminds of a joke:

A maths professor was travelling by train, that was slowing down over a bridge when nearing a village station. He saw a herd of sheep grazing, spread across underneath. When the train stopped, he saw someone seemingly a shepherd about to get down. Out of curiosity he asked if those sheep belonged to him, and if he owned 58 of them. Surprised, the shepherd asked how he could guess. Simple, the elated professor explained, "I just counted the number of legs and divided by four."

My father was good at phone numbers, observing some pattern in the digits. Rather than an inert seven seven one four, 7+7=14 looked easier to remember. My aunt remembers full details of each gift received, by whom, the occasion, year etc., but has great difficulty remembering the four digit PIN of her debit card. It's interesting how each has their way that's foolproof, till the date of wife's birthday or marriage anniversary crops up...

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