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Once at the museum, it was interesting to see a wide variety of weapons, ranging from knives of all sizes & pattern, matchets, swords, spears to cannon balls from various periods. Those didn't seem to be for hunting. Don't know if we were supposed to appreciate the craftsmanship or the clever design aspect understanding the materials available then, or merely wonder if people down the ages had no other notion on mind than being preoccupied with violence and killing one another, in defence or offence.

Things haven't changed much, except the weapons getting more and more advanced and longer ranged. They however looked of lesser harm that aimed just at those on the field, rather than the current ones that can wipe away entire cities, it's architecture, art, lifestyle and the innocents. Cities can be rebuilt, though with large expenses, over a lengthy period of time, but you can't bring back the character and feel.

As a contrast, there were also paintings, pottery and ceramic ware in pieces or whole, and a host of fine art creations that seemed to silently convey But make allowance for their doubting too; as in the later expression from Rudyard Kipling's poem...

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