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It's difficult to do anything with constant distraction that crops up just then. Specially writing, that too without anything in particular to start with. You are into an online transaction on the phone and a call that could have waited a bit does its duty methodically, sometimes even cutting off data connection thinking the caller is more important. In the middle of some work on the computer, the firewall pops out an alert, or a program comes up with a notification, when there was no such hurry. You wonder why things are running a bit slow with constant disk activity, only to realize the OS is silently working on the monthly updates reminding it's the second Tuesday of the month and time to restart any moment. Like the commercial breaks on TV, they surface unexpectedly.

In technology everything considers itself important to be of service. Every program wants to start at boot, every app on the phone requires permission to run in the background to send alerts. You are not sure if to appreciate their concern on serving you or feel annoyed by their untimely interferences. The thing is you went for it, not the other way round and obviously have to put up with. Like the in-laws and their family, they come bundled. While the former can be uninstalled selectively, the other, as in the cases of some, how much ever they wish, can't be.

So, when I started putting up something at twelve noon, a constant barrage of this and that kept creeping in, and just when past a few characters a message on the phone kept nagging, requiring to either read, delete or mark read. Now that having got immuned, decided to read anyway, to know never share passwords, keep your PIN safe and to follow safe measures on the Net, the hundredth time and thanked it for caring so much. And with no specific subject on mind, decided to turn it into one, beating it at its own game...

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