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Every day carries some importance in general for all or in particular to some. Earlier a selected few like the Independence day, Republic day, Thanksgiving day or the Memorial day, Labor day and such governmental or federal holidays came in and were easy to remember. Don't know if they existed before or keep getting added to signify something we are not aware of, since a decade, or perhaps ever since social media took control, every now and then we are told of that day being marked special. It's quite confusing to remember them all, and better left to those concerned to keep us informed.

Out of curiosity I just looked up if today being dedicated to something. Of course it turned out to be, the "International Translation Day" to honour the work of translators and language professionals across the world.

Now that's something thoughtful to acknowledge regional works cutting across language barriers. In fact during school we had a few translated, abridged versions of classics to get interested in the originals later. Hope the translators of computer programs related that support many languages too are covered. Like an apple a day, significance for a day is no doubt educative. If ever a quiz, I may not get past the pre-qualification round, don't know about you...

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