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More than "To be, or not to be", "To do, or not to do" is something we all face more often. Small or big the task, it's a required decision. From taking a backup on phone or computer to doing your laundry, to declassify or press the nuke button, fish or egg, decisions vary with the ones concerned, placed accordingly.

Long ago, having finished the hardbound collection of Holmes, it was time to move on. There are authors of yesteryears whose finesse remains unknown unless explored. A random search displayed so many, and out of some instinct I just picked one by J.S. Fletcher. Joseph Smith that is, the English novelist, and the decision led to seeking more. The mystery and narration kept me absorbed. And after a few of them, the next seemed puzzling. Rather than mystery, a story was getting built with some characters speaking in old English. Looked interesting any way, and as pages went by, I realized "The root of all evil" was a novel than the genre expected, but equally appealing and moving towards the end. I realized he covered various forms. Detective, mystery, long and short novels, short stories with twisted ending, and non-fiction with historical background which of course I haven't ventured into.

The same way I discovered Austin Freeman, Arthur Morrison, Louis Tracy, Emile Gaboriau, Fergus Hume by accident, and found their writings enriching. Sometimes a minor decision lands you among the company of likable, and in turn decided to make a mention for taking back in time that we never saw and the enjoyable time spent...

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