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More and less are often expressed in conjunction, though being the opposites. "Less is more" said the late architect Mies van Der Rohe and applied the dictum in his works, stripped off the unnecessary and ostentatious features, so the basic structure stood in its minimalistic elegance. But Less is bore quipped some who saw the role of seemingly unnecessary, that was necessary to bring semblance and human aspects than be machine-like.

Some put in more work though getting paid less. The opposite is also true to some professionals whose less, but supposedly quality time fetches more. In our grand father's time they could buy more paying less, but inflation has turned it the other way. One known person however denies it, saying the monthly expenses hasn't changed for their family for years. Two of them can manage comfortably now, while it served eight earlier.

I liked a comic strip with Lucky Eddie beginning to believe in the philosophy of Less is more, and his viking friend and head of clan, Hagar (the horrible) instantly seizing the opportunity with "It's time to talk of your salary".

This aspect of less and more occurred when watching some old TV classics like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, with so much stuffed into twenty minutes without missing a detail, in comparison with some movies that turn out to be little more than two or more hour drags, needing a bit more time to drive the point. Or when reading novels with unneeded fluff and verbosity, just to be voluminous. Or when listening to some political speeches running to over an hour, and wondering at the end on what actually was said...

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