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... and they lived happily thereafter. All fables end that way on a positive note. Thereafter or for ever after shouldn't be the concern fully knowing the characters being mortals, allowing some poetic justice.

Wish things were that simple with all things concerned. Like he got a job and lived happily thereafter, unless it's a government service entitled to pension. No layoffs, pink slips, no hurdles as in other streams. Or he installed the OS and did the same. No hassles of patches & fixes, updates & upgrades, running in an undisturbed linearity. It is only in the stories that the narrative ends at a safe and happy juncture, leaving the rest unsaid.

A Bluetooth speaker had given such an assurance of running happily thereafter, but ended saying sorry when the charging port suddenly conked out. Five years is a good duration of service that came as a gift, though not used continuously. Things happen. Laptop display goes dead, hard disks begin to chatter, phone suddenly refuses to come to life, and, and of course so many other ands that are means to the ends. Change is the law of nature, new nudging away the old with the same promise...

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