Limiting Self Talk

Limiting Self-Talk and NYR Check-in

Well, I started reading something from my inbox (but I already lost track) where the author wrote about their own limiting self-talk. I think it was a finspiration (financial-inspiration) type of person, one of those FI/FIRE/Mr. Money Mustache types, but it got me thinking anyway.

It's Jan 10th, 1/3 of the way through my January resolutions. But I've derailed. I guess I had a lot, so I'll give myself a little pass. But it's probably worth a little reflecting. So far, the only real thing that is going well is flossing. And to be fair, I sometimes forget to brush my teeth until after noon (I work from home). I've regressed on several years of progress of my nail biting. I like meditating but thus far, I'm on-and-off whether I block out time for it or not. So far, I would say, my resolutions are going womp-womp. Which brings me back to the self-talk.

When I get started into these things, and I don't achieve them in the first go, I start beating myself up. Why can't I eat healthier? I can't believe I stop eating after 9PM every night. I suck for not going to the gym. I am bad at a routine and a schedule. These aren't all necessarily true (there may be whorls of truth in them) but they're not the whole truth. So I think I'm going to aim to start trying to identify all the limiting thoughts that I have about myself and remember why they're not true. I'm hoping that'll help a little.

It's Tuesday, so maybe I should figure out what I CAN do at this point to make my week a success.
1) Meditate every day, first thing when I get up
So, the key here is to either carve out enough time in the morning to do a nice meditation. Or, accept the mornings that I only have time for a 3 minute meditation, do it, then feel successful for sticking to my goal. A one minute meditation every morning is still a meditation. Tonight, I'm going to set my headphones charging next to my bed so I can roll over, put them on, then do a meditate. Then immediately get up an brush my teeth.
2) Go to the gym Weds and Thurs, even for 30 minutes
I was getting into the habit of weight lifting (based on a pre-created schedule from a trainer), which I was really liking! However, I switched gyms to Planet Fitness (which is much cleaner and brighter than my other gym), but it's pretty crowded. The free weights are often very busy, as are the pulley machines, etc. So, whenever I go, I struggle to get through all my exercises in my workout because every station is FULL. The gym overfloweth. So my goal is to just get back into the habit of going, even if all I is walk on the treadmill
3) Carry on with Dry January-ish

4) Tomorrow, brainstorm some options about who to talk to and how to get a skydiving team together.

January, Check-in:

  • Dry January

    • Not going awesome. I went back home for family business stuff and man, is facing the prospect of running a business with my sister stressful. I drank some. So, I started again; I'm aiming to do Dry Month (starting Jan 8th - Feb 8th).
  • January Meditation Challenge: I missed several days on this as well. Since I can't go back, let's say if I get 25/31 days, I still feel successful

  • Hang Art in the Living Room

    • I am starting! Today's goal: Measure all the arts to see what I have to work with
  • Floss every day

    • I'm heckin' doing it!
  • Text my bro, Z, once a week

    • So far so good
  • Mail a letter once a week (I wrote them yesterday and forgot to send them before I left. I count it as a success still)

    • So far so good, as well
  • Do one Spanish lesson a week

    • Lesson one was canceled by my teacher. I intended to make it up this week and do two, but she cancelled again. So I'm doing everything in my power to make this happen. Sometimes things aren't always in your hands
  • Find a regular spanish pen pal

    • I think I've done this! I need to write her back. She lives in Brasil, likes crafts, and likes correspondence.
  • Do one day of practice on my swooping at the DZ

    • Still waiting for good weather
  • Drive somewhere in CA. Just drive there. Check it out. Meander. Find a coffee shop or a used book store and peruse. Enjoy being somewhere new; find some inspiration.

  • Gym 4x week or do 10k steps + stretch

    • Wow. I'm not hitting this at all... I'll talk about this above
  • Start researching my VFS options (I'll start that next week)

    • I guess that's this week.

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