Dogma Rhymes - Day 12

Dogmatic lies, sold in the dozens
How time flies since I met my cousins
Going offline won’t kill the hustle
In truth, it may just end this tussle
Youth running out of good things to say
Socials got them hooked on, but that’s ok

Addressing matters of the faith is too bold a play
Stay humbly quiet, if you want any say
In this fight of words, don’t curse your problems away
On the flight to church, bring your twisted wishes for pray
Sold to lies that you traded in for your pay
Make heroes tear lies and return the spirit of the day

ہارن نہ مار، چل رہی ہے آزان
Call نہ اٹھا، just drive your car
بچہ رو رہا، so quit your tar
Throw out the ciggy pack
Quit being such a jack -!

Release control, dissolve into the flow
Light of the universe, come and meet me yo
Heavenly wonders come and treat me though
Glorious light of the night sky, got me outta control

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