Freestyle - Day 74

I’m taking steps to release,
Wearing shalwar kameez,
I left the man called Iblees
Who left me in the debris

So skeet, called a homie so dheet
Cuz he was singing off beat
Stealing lines like a damn cheat
Spitting lies thinking he’s neat

I know I’m viciously sweet
But you’re bitter with heat
So it’s the time to retreat

Selling rhymes at the corner store,
I know I ain’t rich but I’m getting more
Spit your lines, why you trynna roar?
When I strike you’re gonna feel in yo’ core

I caught the stray beat, in the backseat
Now I’m flagged down, now I’m half beat
Stacking footage in my drive, it’s nice meat
Editing takes its time, my story’s incomplete

Bless your soul, bless the ones who believe
In this world you gotta stick with it or leave
Not easy but you’ll find a trick up your sleeve
You gotta dance with it, then you will receive

Tune into higher frequencies,
Your time with yourself feels
Your laughter just like orange peels
Don’t mess around with high ideals

I know I left when I could,
All of us doing what we should,
It’s a mad world, I need Robin Hood

How about you quit your could, should, would?

Come into the now, know the abyss
Feel in the now as you hearing the hiss
These demons can’t hit, they always miss
On your path, they be fearing the bliss

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