It's Friday! - Day 78

It's a Fry---day!
A do or die day!
So put your hands up, on this fly day!

A remarkable day,
A spectacular way,
Blessings on this journey coming your way

A blessed Ramadan,
Got to read the Quran,
Waited every day for Maghrib ki azaan XD

Now that Eid is close,
I'm sad to bid Ramadan adios,
But I hope the practices I gained won't be toast

So I welcome in the new moon,
Time to leave the cocoon,
Because life is changing, and it's so opportune

It's the last Friday,
Before we go back astray,
Let's hope not, boy I sound so cliche!

Of course, we'll grow after this,
Life's not always a state of bliss,
But let's give our future selves good memories to reminisce!

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