The Feminine - Day 83

My body feels like a feminine vice,
Knowing we try so hard to be nice
Getting beaten up for not heating the rice

The feminine body is 'obscene'
Treated like it's so unclean

Why do women hide that they've been bleeding since thirteen?

It hurts the men to be seen,
With a woman smoking nicotine
But behind closed doors, they treat her like a machine

Housework is considered the norm,
Before society, they must perform
Any new opinion always causes a big storm

The feminine energies laid to waste,
I think it just speaks of distaste,
Female glory behind a whitening paste

The masculine and the feminine,
Two sides of a powerful medicine,
Take one side away and you start to fight over melanin

Yes, I'm talking about race,
& conquering lands in outer space,
Can we ever try to heal in this rat race?

Healing is considered a joke,
They'd rather inhale some bad smoke,
But don't confront your feelings if you're a good bloke

So imbalance takes over,
As you try to control her,
You try to prove you're right, as you lose your composure

But the feminine can't always hide,
Even while it may let things slide,
In order to be whole, you must accept your feminine side

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