A New Leaf - Day 87

I saw a memory of me,
That took a shape in me
It wasn’t pleasant to see,
But it needed me to see

That I am not the same,
That life has changed my game,
Dishonor isn’t in my frame
& I’m more than my name

The echoes from the past,
Thought that they would last,
But now they’ve turned overcast
Have I been freed of them, at last?

But they came back to haunt me,
Possessed my soul to taunt me,
I guess they really still want me
Or else they wouldn’t daunt me

That distant voice wanted to be heard
It couldn’t see how I’d rise as a bird

It found my growth & progress absurd
It didn’t care to have with me a word

But as I felt it leave,
I just couldn’t believe,
The contrast I felt, I felt such relief, that
I’m no longer that voice, I’m turning a new leaf

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