On forcing creativity

"Today I will write something.", is what I said before sitting down on my PC. I turned it on, and waited for the screen to light up.

During this, a thought slowly crept into my head.

The loading screen passed, and my PC asked me to enter my password. So I did.

I tried to ignore it, but with every second that I kept on looking at the screen, it came closer and closer and closer.

My desktop was ready, so I moved my mouse over to my preferred writing tool.

This idea, it kept on coming closer. – I once again tried to ignore it, but its presence was undeniable.

I clicked the application, which tried to hide itself under my tiny cursor.

This was the moment in which I realized what was clear long ago.

The window opened.

Breathing in, breathing out.

I clicked on the small "+"-icon which created a new, blank file.

I didn't know where to start

I sat there for a second.

I didn't know what to do.

The awkward silence between my keyboard and my fingers, made clear what was clear already.

I didn't know what to write.

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