Short notes

I'm sorry i'm sorry
I'm sorry that im not the expanse you're seeking
Not the fire
but the water

What is identity? What is self without the external? What makes one's self without the external's influence?
I don't think we are ever lonely. Be alone, yes. To feel lonely, yes. But /be/ lonely?
I think our identity, our personality is with the collective. With the universe.
Our thoughts, with the universe.

Thoughts, with the universe. Thoughts with the universe.

I dreamt of Mama and Papa
of how in her sleep, my Mama talks to herself
of how at work, my Papa assists me.
Love and Life, I started to doubt you
Love and Life, Mama and Papa
gave me.
A note in the refrigerator's door.

A tarot reader last night on Youtube told me that this isn't the right connection to be in.
Why bother what was already dead?
Too cold to escape.
Too hot to leave.

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