Fedora 33 Release

Today was announced Fedora 33. I'm a big fan of this distro, I love its package manager and really like that allows me to install different desktop environments.

I've used Gnome, which is the default, and I like it. But sometimes I get bored and start looking what else is out there. I've installed Pantheon Desktop, the DE from ElementaryOS, KDE and tried to use dwm (without much luck, requires a lot of time to configure something useful). For now I'm using Budgie Desktop, which is pretty fast and "traditional", but at the same time looks great.

All this is great, but the latest version of Fedora includes updates to the DNS system (uses systemd-resolved), which I need to disable to install Docker. I could use podman (and I think it is awesome), but I mainly use docksal and is only compatible with Docker for now.

So apart of disabling the new systemd-resolved and cgroups2 to install docker, I will probably have problems with the domain redirection because Docksal uses dnsmasq.

Maybe I will give it another month, once there are more guides to do all that.

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