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RoboCop: Rogue City

RoboCop: Rogue City is a first-person shooter that got released right on time - in 2023, when the first-person shooter genre is coming through hard times. This game doesn't have hit boxes and "sponge" enemies, doesn't have loot boxes and grinding, and, being a game released in 2023, it doesn't have bugs. It's a true and well-made first-person shooting game. In a nutshell, its formula includes a linear shooter, big explorable locations and progression system based on skill points and weapon upg...
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Mafia III is not a bad game, but it's more a Godfather game than a Mafia game

I missed Mafia III at launch. It was released in 2016. I didn't have time to play it back then. Early reviews were mostly negative. Players called Mafia III a "non Mafia" game and complained about bugs. So I put Mafia III to my gaming backlog for long time and haven't played it until 2023. Worth mentioning, I don't know how much the game has improved since the original release. Probably a lot, but I cannot be sure. It's playable, though it has some minor bugs sometimes. I played Mafia III in...
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