There have been many articles and opinions about Brexit, yet none of them appear to address the right points.

Let me start by stating that I voted Remain in the 2016 Referendum; I was/am not a Brexiteer.

And yet, 52% of the population did vote to Leave - and I respect that.

What use is there in having a democratic vote, and then that vote not being honoured? There is zero point.

Now, some people argue that;

The people did not vote for a no deal Brexit

To which I ask; did they not? How do we know the reason(s) they voted to Leave?

There were not multiple options on the ballot, the options were not:

  1. Remain
  2. Leave - if we have a good deal
  3. Leave - regardless of whether a good deal is agreed

Therefore, nobody can know whether 52% of the voters wanted a deal, or whether they wanted to leave simply to be out of the EU. Thus, any argument which states we need a new Referendum because the people were told we would secure a deal, and that the people voted based on that information, is rubbish.

Some might argue that polls have told us that those who voted Leave in 2016 would now vote Remain; however lest we forget, all polls pre-Referendum stated that Remain would be the outcome. And it wasn't. Therefore, how much faith can we have in polls?

Let us, however, assume that the majority (for we know not all) did indeed vote Leave because they were promised a good deal upon leaving. The current situation is that there is no deal and therefore those voters might feel betrayed.

Let there be another vote

This is what politicians are requesting based on the above assumption.

Perhaps it appears reasonable to say such a thing, but I ask; "To what end?"

What happens if there is a second Referendum in which the majority say Remain rather than Leave?

Why is that any more representative than the previous Referendum?

It would be 1:1; so what do we do? Have a third? Make it best of 3? For surely that's the only way to make it fair; if results are 1:1, you need a tie-breaker. Yet a third Referendum would be ridiculous - and so a second Referendum is not reasonable.

And so the only option we have is for politicians to stop being selfish, stop thinking about themselves, and act in line with their constituencies. If an MP's constituency had an overall Leave result; that MP should not be attempting to stop Brexit and/or hold another Referendum. If the constituency voted to Remain; then they've every right to vote in Parliament accordingly.

Which means politicians should be pushing Brexit forward; regardless of their party or personal views. Therefore they need to either agree a deal they may not personally believe in (but their constituents might) or proceed with no deal; whichever they feel is the lesser of two evils.


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