Get the OuiZl ball rolling

This partially a test but also a brief intro to this HpyOuiZl. I do mostly vegetation/botany work now but have a number of years working with wildlife *cough 28 cough* in various capacities. I have never been a huge mammal fan but the weasel family is my favorite. I've also been told I have a weasel grin by a few different people so it sort of stuck. Like weasels I can go from high energy to wanting to nap and my curiosity is almost insatiable at times.  

Some of the content I hope to share:

  • field pictures
  • plant/wildlife info
  • random musings
  • field coffee/lunch spots 
  • fieldworker life
  • animal experiences

This will be a work in progress but I am hoping it will be fun and educational while I improve my writing skills. 

Just for fun. Current mood: #excitedweasel

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