Already behind a day...

Trying to get into a new habit does certainly take some effort and reminding.  Since I am behind a day I will just make two posts to catch up.  

This week has been one of the more draining weeks in awhile. It followed a week that was beyond exhausting mentally. I received a bit of a one-two punch at work.  A power outage occurred within an hour of arriving to work and lasted half the day. My workstation decided I no longer existed so I couldn't access anything. While doing a little QA/QC I discover a slew of problems that need to be fixed within the data. Thankfully I caught them early enough to not be a time expensive issue.  

The next day a temporary crew member makes all the possible data collection errors possible and I was too dumbfounded to correct them. My confidence in that data does not exist. We are all allowed off days but this one just seemed like a full crew was off. Makes for a bit of a mess and also why I have a stack of species to key out on my weekend. 

Hopefully this week will be better. 

Current Mood: #waningweasel

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