The joys of automated grading

I'm all for technology making things easier but sometimes I just can't help but wonder why some things happen. I've been doing courses online for awhile now and I can go a term or two without having any issues and then there is the one term where issues are everywhere. The biggest one is the automated grading process. Taking a quiz or test online can be obnoxious enough but add in the weird quirks of the automated systems and I end up staring at my screen and questioning why on earth something is wrong. The very worst experience tends to be in the math related courses. Statistics almost broke me sanity wise. I come up with the answer 4.4, it is marked wrong, the correct answer is 4.4...

Current issue, also my reason for this little vent, is I answered a question with a very specific word. No spelling errors or anything and yet it is still marked wrong. The reason for it being wrong is the lack of an uppercase letter at the beginning. That's it, just the lack of being uppercase is why this answer is wrong. The word is correct, the spelling is correct, just missing that little capital letter at the beginning. Two points on a difficult exam is two point. Now I need to write an email to see if I can get it fixed. It is a technicality. A minor typo. A legit typo creating a spelling error is totally acceptable to be wrong. I will fully admit I am not great at spelling. This is not some official document, just a quiz.

Oh well, I will write this email to see if I can get some points. 

Current mood: #frustratedweasel

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