Procrastination incoming

In my head, the excuse for this entry is to allow my brain a little bit of processing time for an assignment that I am having a little difficulty with.  The reality, of course, is I am procrastinating since it is going to be a mind-numbing slog of an assignment.  

Due to my field of work putting me in grasslands frequently, I started taking courses in relation to their ecology and conservation management.  They are also used as rangelands frequently so there is the management of livestock as well. I am not a livestock person and I don't plant on going full boar into ungulate management but the information is something I will benefit from. 

The slog is having to balance the numbers of animals in the pastures.  I knew there was some meat to planning usage of fields but never expected it to be this much of a pain. I think doing it by hand as a training is why it feels so difficult when I am pretty sure there are some pre-written programs to do this.  I just have to show all my work so having something do it for me automatically isn't an option. 

Current Mood: #procrastinatingweasel

Update: The procrastination turned into trying to figure out how to reorganize my furniture in one room...

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