Foot protection

I am almost to the point where I think I need kevlar socks to walk around my living areas. I have yet to verify what plant is producing these evil, little, spiky balls but man do I keep finding them. Walking barefoot is a hazard right now. I just pulled another one of these little daggers out of my foot. Drew blood this time. I would even prefer LEGOs to be all over my floor instead of these, that is how bad they are. I know the purpose of the spiky ball is for transportation of seeds, but seriously, it doesn't need to be this obnoxious. It's only one long spike surrounded by several smaller spikes. Maybe these are where the idea for caltrops came from.

On the plus side, it has reminded me I need to make sure I have comfortable leather boots ready for my upcoming field season. I wore fabric hiking shoes this past year, even though I know better, and had to pull out many a cactus spine. I really do not want to spend another season getting my feet stabbed daily by the surprise cacti hiding in the grass. I kneel down on enough of them already.

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