The Hovering

I think I am starting to lose my mind. To say I am irritable might be a bit of an understatement. I'm not exactly sure what is going on. I'm not in a big town by any means. Almost safe to say in the middle of nowhere.  A good 2 hours trip to the biggest nearby "city." Since yesterday, mid-morning, there has been, what sounds like at least, a helicopter just hovering around. I can hear it over a fan and through my window. It hasn't stopped.  I heard it all night.  I can hear it move, so it gets quieter and louder. I finally got annoyed enough to look out the window. Not seeing anything, just for a laugh I turn my fan off to see if I can hear the direction it coming from. The sound disappears...  

Yes, I did this all to myself. I am in the midst of final exams so levels of exhaustion and stress are high. Add in some poor sleep and it is not totally surprising.  Turns out the angle and placing of my fan is just enough to create a sound like a distant helicopter. 

A much needed break will be taken after this week is over.  I do not want to be that mentally worn out before I start having to stare at tiny little things on a plant that is barely grown and having to identify it.  

I am just going to make myself some tea and do nothing for a bit.

Current Mood: #exhaustedandembarassedweasel

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