What I am intrested in?

Over the past couple of months my interest in the stock market has grown tremendously and I believe that it will continue to grow. Rewind back to the start of the year, and all I saw over the news was GME and AMC to the moon, at first I was not aware of what any of this was. However I then continued to read several more articles about this topic and I gained a lot more knowledge about the stock market and I started to really understand what it was.

This is where my journey began, ever since this chaos in the stock market happened I have been fascinated by the market and stocks. Recently, I have been doing more research and I actually started to invest real money into the stock market and it has been extremely fun! Since I went to New York this summer and that is the financial capital of the world, I learnt a lot about the stock market and went to the stock exchange over there and it was really a phenomenal experience and I went over there with my sister (Priyanshi).

I have also taken many courses to learn about various aspects of the stock market like patterns, fundamental and methods of research. I did the courses on Udemy a few courses from NYU and Yale which I found extremely interesting, they gave an entire new perspective and dynamic to the stock market.

Another point that I would like to mention that I learned a valuable life lesson from the stock market as at times I was in some minor losses which I eventually got out of and that has taught me to not ever give up as I was extremely close to giving up on this however I continued and that showed me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Ultimately, this stock market journey has been an absolute journey for me, there were many peaks and valleys which in the end payed off and taught me a life lesson of great significance which was to never give up.

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