Hello my name is Parshva and I am in the G10 English Language and Literature Class.

Prastisc Writing Concisley

Question 1: Outline two ways in which Pilkington gives you a sense of perspective in the first 8 lines of the text? 2 marks

Answer: The first way is that Pilkington uses descriptive language to give us a sense of perspective and the second way is that he also makes a personal reference where he refers back to his home Manchester and London.

Question 2: Identify two ways in which the author makes the description of the toad killings memorable. 2 marks

Answer: The first method that the author uses is that when he describe the killing he makes it extremely gruesome with several examples and the second method is that he is extremely descriptive the language he uses.

Question 3: Select two examples of humour from the text and analyse the effect of each on the reader. 4 marks

Answer: The first humour phrase that Pilkington uses is "all right wall of china to me", this makes it humorous as he is slightly annoyed at the fact that China decides the degree to which the monument is amusing to him. The second example is the "toad massacre" as obviously a massacre is no joke however he phrases it in such a way that is amusing to us the reader.

Question 4: Outline two ways in which sound plays a role in this scene. (Do not include comments on the use of voice-over here). 2 marks

Answer: The first way that the author makes sound play a role in this scene is at 0:18 there is a chaotic goose sound playing thus shows the chaotic atmosphere. The second way that he adds onto the chaotic atmosphere is that there was the sound of the crazy and chaotic scene which introduces us to how the scene will lay out in a chaotic manner.

Question 5: What is the overall effect of the voice-over in this extract? Select two examples of voice over commentary and analyse their effect on the viewer. 4 marks

Answer: The first effect of the voice over is to show how shocked he is feeling at the moment looking at the so called disgusting food, the effect upon the viewer is that it tell us the way that he is thinking and prompts us to think the way. The second way is that this video is very opinionated throughout the voice over.

Question 6: Outline two ways in which Pilkington makes the scorpion eating scene humorous through his spoken language in the scene. Give an example of each. 4 marks

The first example of humour in this film is that he talks about how some random lady would just eat an spider for breakfest, the effect upon the viewer is that it tells us that this is such a normal thing for it to happen in China. The second way is that he mentions about how some lady would want more spiders which is juxtaposed as the normal human being is scared of spiders.

15 minutes for this

Analytic Comparasion Prose Extract and Film Scene

Essay question: Compare and contrast how Simpson and Mears depict human survival in the wilderness similarly and differently?

The prose extract is taken from chapter 10 page 149 in the book Touching the Void and the video scene is from ** Ray Mears - Extreme Survival**, more specifically it is from season 2 episode 6 3:40-5:10. During the comparison of the two I noticed one main similarity and two key differences. The first similarity being that Simpson and Mears are in a situation where it is one individual who is out in the wild and they need to survive. The first differentiation is that they both have different precipitations of survival as Mears is staying extremely resilient and Simpson is complaining and is moody.

The first and only similarity that I will discuss is that both Mears and Simpson are currently in a situation where they are one individual male that has to survive. (The camera man being an exception). Mears is in an island somewhere near I believe the Caribbean and Simpson is a situation where he is in a mountain near Peru. They both have to survive on their own skills that they have learned during the past, there is practically no one else that can help them in this situation.

Moreover, a contrast that I noticed when looking at the two texts is that the precipitations of both is severely different. Mears is an immensely more calm position than Simpson. One way we know this is because of the calm and soothing voice that he is talking in, another is that the music was excessively upbeat and cheerful and that informed the reader that Mears is currently in a good state of mind. Contradictory, there is Simpson who is freaking out, an example of this would be he uses words such as "pain-wrecked, struggled, hours seemed to pass, jerking fire". All of these words show the current state of mind that he is in which is in an horrible and dreadful condition.

Note: We had 15 minutes to write this analytic piece.

Film Scene Analysis Emotion

Comment on how emotion is conveyed through music and sound.
Scene: 1:31:10 - 1:34:00

During the scene between 1:31:10 and 1:34:00 in the film touching the void the director uses conveys the emotions suspense and does a mood change from serious to much more ecstatic.

Firstly, at the very beginning of the scene Simpson speaks in an extremely slow and calm manner with very big breaths. This increases the suspense for us the viewer as we want to collect the information faster however that is not possible as he speaks quite slow. This occurred at the time 1:31:10 until about 1:31:30. This slow speaking manner creates an emotion of suspense and creates and empathy as the use of suspense creates empathy from us to Joe as we worry if something bad will happen to him which is very likely.

Additionally, the director also used an emotion change which happen at 1:33:44, this emotion change went from an extremely serious tone to a very uplifting and upbeat tone. This emotion change was very unexpected for the viewer and had a similar effect to a jump-scare. This created a huge contrast in tones as when the uplifting music was playing Joe was in immense pain which is ironic.

To conclude, the director of Touching the Void used two main techniques to convey emotions such as suspense and an emotion change.

We had around 15 minutes to write this

Film Scene Analysis: When Joe comes out of the Cave

Firstly, what happened in this scene, was that Joe was climbing out of the cave that he is trapped in and finally sees the rest of the world. This scene occurred between 1:04:27 - 1:05:27.

Now lets talk about the lighting, the lighting played an effect on the mood change as inside of the cave it was quite dark and gloomy as he is still stuck in the cave, however as soon as he reaches out of the cave, we see a mood change created through the lighting. When he reaches the end of the cave, the lighting becomes much more bright which connotes to being more ecstatic.

Another factor which played a role in the mood change, was the non-diegetic narration. He says "and it was a bright sunny day". The specific use of the word "and", shows that it was after being stuck in the cave for so long and it shows that it has finally come to an end. Also, the use of word "bright", indicates that this scene has more connotations to a joyful feeling.

There is no speech during this time of the movie, as he is alone. However, there is some sort of narration. During the narration, he says that “it was a bright sunny day”, which indicates that this is an joyful scene as the connotations of bright and sunny day are usually quite cheerful hence him getting out of the cave is cheerful.

The purpose of this scene is to show that there is a possible chance that he can come out in such rough conditions. Imagine walking out of a cave, in horrible weather conditions, with a broken leg and still being able to climb. the scene was to show that he did the impossible. Also Joe was determined to get out due to his alpha mindset, he said alos before that he wanted to get out

Note: We had approximately 10-15 minutes to write this.

Page 21 Chapter 1 Analysis

In this page 21 of chapter 1 from the book Touching the Void, Simpson uses a array of emotions and feelings which are displayed in the extract. Another observation was that the mood remains fairly upbeat the entire time, however there is a slight tone change as in the first half he uses an alliterated phrase "invigorating independence", he also uses "calming and tranquil". In the bottom half, Simpson expresses his admiration for the view, he uses phrases such as "God, it's fantastic, I was a little awed". "It", referring to the view. The function of the passage is the build up to the climax, right now they are extremely relaxed, calm and enjoying the view. However this would not be the case for very much longer.

What I am intrested in?

Over the past couple of months my interest in the stock market has grown tremendously and I believe that it will continue to grow. Rewind back to the start of the year, and all I saw over the news was GME and AMC to the moon, at first I was not aware of what any of this was. However I then continued to read several more articles about this topic and I gained a lot more knowledge about the stock market and I started to really understand what it was.

This is where my journey began, ever since this chaos in the stock market happened I have been fascinated by the market and stocks. Recently, I have been doing more research and I actually started to invest real money into the stock market and it has been extremely fun! Since I went to New York this summer and that is the financial capital of the world, I learnt a lot about the stock market and went to the stock exchange over there and it was really a phenomenal experience and I went over there with my sister (Priyanshi).

I have also taken many courses to learn about various aspects of the stock market like patterns, fundamental and methods of research. I did the courses on Udemy a few courses from NYU and Yale which I found extremely interesting, they gave an entire new perspective and dynamic to the stock market.

Another point that I would like to mention that I learned a valuable life lesson from the stock market as at times I was in some minor losses which I eventually got out of and that has taught me to not ever give up as I was extremely close to giving up on this however I continued and that showed me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Ultimately, this stock market journey has been an absolute journey for me, there were many peaks and valleys which in the end payed off and taught me a life lesson of great significance which was to never give up.