The Mighty Swing

The Mighty Swing: Rajesh Rangeratmerjen

I was there when my heart was bleeding out and people were rushing to m. Rewind a few minutes and I was relaxing and having ice-cream. I was at the park with some friends when I was a strange looking vehicle about 3 blocks down the boat. It was approaching at a rapid pace. I looked at it thinking nothing would happen. it was quickly approaching. I throned my head to continue the conversation with my friend. Suddenly someone yelled "MOVE!". Next thing I know I was in immense pain and a group of people were surrounding me. I had almost past out because of what happened. It turned someone had just got hit with a cricket ball. I woke up on a hospital bed. My head still aching from the incident. I sat up trying to look around with my blurred vision,. The guy who hit me with the ball was standing there with concern in his eyes.

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