Descriptive Writing Picture Response

In the following picture it is visible that there is a presumably a donkey who seems to be carrying a tremendous amount of weight.

In the background we see a scenic view of the mountains. While the view is great the smell on the other hand, not so great. Think of it like gunpowder in a soldier from WW1. The look on the donkeys face says it all, he looks tired, he looks depressed. He was exhausted. The sky seems filthy, grey and filled with pollution. Imagine walking with that much weight on your back in a sky filled with dirt air and rocks scratching your feet everey footstep of the way. I would not be able to last even a few minutes. We see in the foreground that the horse looks as if he was going to collapse any second on the floor. Zooming into the horse, there were various pieces of string implemented for decoration. We see the horse looking far off into the distance, he is most likely thinking something "oh boy, how long is left", similar to that feeling of a long car trip. The horse also looks extremely isolated, we barley see any life around him. This adds onto the sorrows expressed in this picture. There are several sorrows decipted in this picture which are the fcial expressions of the donkey, the amount of weight and the filthiness of the sky.

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