Formative Picture Writing- Staircase

The stairs stood right in front of me, sparkling in my eyes. They were just gigantic, every footstep was like a horse sprinting at full pace. It was unimaginable. I made it in life, my two friends were sprinting, we were having the time of our lives. We were laughing, cracking jokes, having true Italian pizza. It was a perfect day, blue skies with white clouds flew over our head. The steps were odd, there were 10 metres wide. The biggest I have ever seen. There were about 100 stairs with different shades of the colour brown. There was not much green scenery, just a few pieces of leaves here and there. There was not anything special about this place. Just the company. The fence seemed as if it was used in WW1, it was tremendously old. My friends were attempting to run up the entire staircase, after a few steps they were out of breath. While running up the stairs I lost balance, the pebles constantly wobbled. This was probably built somewhere in the roman empire. At a point, I felt unsafe being here, I felt as if I was going to be sucked into the core of the earth. There were 6 longs poles, they basically had no function being here, it felt as if they could fall at any second. The two parts of this image contrasted which puzzled me. The sky looked so bright and cheerful, while on the other hand, there was this massive staircase which was brown, depressing and painful. What have I come to? I am lying to my wife about where I am, told my job that I was sick and forgot about my kids. All to see some random staircase in the middle of nowhere. All in all, I am stuck, I have no idea what to do similar to that pole just standing there with no function. But seriously, what is it doing there? I felt as if the bricks were going to fall upon me. I felt as if the humongous fence was going to collapse. I felt as it was just all about to end.So many thoughts rushing into my mind like my friends sprinting to the top of the staircase.

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