Peter Signer Essay Response

Describe Peter Singer’s arguments on the topic and your thoughts about how he has argued his case. Give at least two examples from the essay you have chosen.

Peter singer conveys his case through pathos, he puts the reader into the shoes of a great grandmother who is suffering immensely. Also Singer argues that being alive but just in a hospital for 10 years can not only be a burden to the family who is paying, but also the public healthcare system as "50,000-75,000 dollars", is taken for one person with dementia for one year.

Explain how debate around the topic has evolved since the publication of Singer’s essay. Has he said or written more about this topic? What have others said? Include at least two references to other sources.

The topic has evolved in our country Belgium as it has been legalised. According to "journals.lww" to make an euthanasia request, the patient must be an adult, conscious and must be in unbearable pain. Also another fact is that there have been more numerous ways to kill yourself such as a rollercoaster. There was a man Julijonas Urbonas who created an entire rollercoaster aimed to kill you. The rollercoaster would reach heights of 510 metres, there are 7 loops in a row. However currently, its a only a scale model.

I believe that the every person including minors above 10 should have the right to kill themselves as one of us would have no idea what they are going to. However, I do not think it should be something you can do immediately as there should be many people who have a say weather or not you can actually kill yourself. One should be a doctor as they would know what the physical pains are best, also a therapist as they would know the mental pains. And last but most certainly not least the patient itself and its family as they are the ones who know the patient the best.

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