Gatsby paragraph ch.2 Analysis

During the opening paragraph of the chapter of the classic novel "the great gatsby" using diction and hyperboles, flitzgerd author creates a mood of discomfort and unease . The first example of this is the use of diction when the author says "hastily", this gives the idea of chaos since hastily is a strong adjective indicating rash decisions which is what causes the viewer to feel uncomfortable. Furthermore Flitzgerd uses the phrase "valley of ashes", this is a hyperbole which adds onto the already established idea of chaos as the connotations of ashes are death and smoke which can make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Lastly, the use of the juxtaposed phrase "grotesque gardens" the idea of garden connotes to happy and estatic vibes while grotesque does the exact opposite (contrast), juxtaposing these two creates a sense of chaos. These three phrases work closely together to create a dark and uncomfortable atmosphere for the reader which goes beyond this chapter and foreshadows the negative events to come later in this story.

Positives (+) = I have included a topic sentence which can be argued against, included three examples and have integrated the quotes properly.

Negatives (-) = I should developed my examples more and had a more natural conclusion.

I have added a more natural conclusions, but could have maybe developed the examples further. x

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