Script to direct speech

Scene 1

"What’s wrong? You have been acting strange all day?" questioned Angelene

"What’s wrong with me? Look in the mirror, isn’t your back hurting from carrying an asher chip the whole day?" exclaimed Asher

"Excuse me but I have been trying the best I can do, I am being flooded with heat, walking for 20 km in the middle of nowhere and having no idea where we are going isn’t something I do every day. Give me a break" Angelene unwittingly said

"Forget the past, we have a long way to get past, lets put our minds together. Two separate minds are weaker than two united minds. Let’s put our heads down and figure out which way to." said Asher in a calm and soothing manner.

"True, you are excused. Well, there is a house nearby, it looks sort of like the one in WW1, I suggest we go in there see what we find." Angelene peacfully said

"See comments like these introduce conflicts. You are simply outrageous. We have to find our way using these maps and compasses, what is going in some random two square metres house going to do for us? I am honestly just sick of you" yelled Asher.

Asher had a really bad temper, he was furious, the teenagers were completely zoned out they had no idea of their surroundings. While they were completely bedazzled, an astonishing view around them with enriched clouds, chic scenic views and greenery.

"Jeez relax." Angelene timidly whispered

Asher took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He was so angry all at once he smacked his foot against the floor.

"Oh my god, oh my god ? YES oh my god, a tower a tower I see a tower." yelled Angelene with joy

Both their eyes glowed and were over the moon they had found something significant that could help them.

"See I knew I kept you around for a reason. Finally, you came to some use." screamed asher in enjoyment

"Hopefully, they have something useful for us. A phone? Food? Water? I would take in anything at this point" hoped Angelene

"Wait? Um? Why are they running at with knives? What did we do? ANGELENE RUN RIGHT NOW" questioned Asher

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