Task 2 Practice

Desert Picture

The tree charmed with the slightest bit of happiness, dissipated clouds hovered over the worn out desert. Magic hour, what is supposed to be one of the best times of the day, was certainly doing the exact oppositie. Fighting through all the hurdles the tree faced, showed the resilience of the tree while the tyrannical sun was seen through a thin row of sunlight contrasting with the deceased plants lying on the ground with no hope. The tree was parlayzed with confusion and scepticism, "where is everyone, am I the last one one on Earth?". Constant haze glided through the air, like the Earth was on fire and gasoline was added. Endless skies and harsh winds tickled the my leaves all while the sun levitated over the inhabitable area. The ominous mountains stood far away in the distance but creeped like a stalker. Grey clouds seemed as if they were going to let a pool of water out all while the sun seemed as if they were going to be our saviour.

Add complex sentences with short sentences.

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