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Question 1: Outline two ways in which Pilkington gives you a sense of perspective in the first 8 lines of the text? 2 marks

Answer: The first way is that Pilkington uses descriptive language to give us a sense of perspective and the second way is that he also makes a personal reference where he refers back to his home Manchester and London.

Question 2: Identify two ways in which the author makes the description of the toad killings memorable. 2 marks

Answer: The first method that the author uses is that when he describe the killing he makes it extremely gruesome with several examples and the second method is that he is extremely descriptive the language he uses.

Question 3: Select two examples of humour from the text and analyse the effect of each on the reader. 4 marks

Answer: The first humour phrase that Pilkington uses is "all right wall of china to me", this makes it humorous as he is slightly annoyed at the fact that China decides the degree to which the monument is amusing to him. The second example is the "toad massacre" as obviously a massacre is no joke however he phrases it in such a way that is amusing to us the reader.

Question 4: Outline two ways in which sound plays a role in this scene. (Do not include comments on the use of voice-over here). 2 marks

Answer: The first way that the author makes sound play a role in this scene is at 0:18 there is a chaotic goose sound playing thus shows the chaotic atmosphere. The second way that he adds onto the chaotic atmosphere is that there was the sound of the crazy and chaotic scene which introduces us to how the scene will lay out in a chaotic manner.

Question 5: What is the overall effect of the voice-over in this extract? Select two examples of voice over commentary and analyse their effect on the viewer. 4 marks

Answer: The first effect of the voice over is to show how shocked he is feeling at the moment looking at the so called disgusting food, the effect upon the viewer is that it tell us the way that he is thinking and prompts us to think the way. The second way is that this video is very opinionated throughout the voice over.

Question 6: Outline two ways in which Pilkington makes the scorpion eating scene humorous through his spoken language in the scene. Give an example of each. 4 marks

The first example of humour in this film is that he talks about how some random lady would just eat an spider for breakfest, the effect upon the viewer is that it tells us that this is such a normal thing for it to happen in China. The second way is that he mentions about how some lady would want more spiders which is juxtaposed as the normal human being is scared of spiders.

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